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Gold Leaf Drops Makeup Primer Absolute Cosmetic

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Rose gold elixir 24 gold 

Absolute Original Gold Primer is a makeup primer with 24 gold

 By using the extremely bright and reflective properties of gold in this gel, hydration and skin protection are done in the best way.

 This product helps to tighten the skin and prevents it from sagging and loosening.

 The materials used in this primer strengthen and care for the freshness of the face

 Immediately after use, the appearance of pores and lines is minimized

Absolute Cosmetic Gold Leaf Drops Makeup Primer

  ⁃ With 24 karat gold

  ⁃ Super penetrating serum mode

  ⁃ Deep hydration for all skin types (dry, oily, dehydrated, combination)

  ⁃ Underbase make-up is extremely light and does not create a feeling of heaviness and stickiness on the skin

  ⁃ Ability to absorb very quickly on the skin

  ⁃ Very suitable foundation for all kinds of powder creams to increase the pigment of the cream, the longevity of the cream, the smoothness and silkiness of the cream.

 This primer creates a soft and smooth canvas for applying your makeup.

 It increases the longevity of the makeup and it is not felt on the skin due to the light formula.

 This product is very useful for protecting the skin from free radicals.

 Are they popular, are they affordable?!

 Description :

 How to use: pump a few drops of gold drops on completely clean skin and massage well, then you can use sunscreen or day and night creams or cream powder.

 Country of manufacture: Romania (Europe)

 Product type: Liquid

 Body material: glass

 Product weight: 35 ml

 Suitable for: all skin types

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Gold Leaf Drops Makeup Primer Absolute Cosmetic
30 $