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Full Coverage Foundation Absolute Cosmetic

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Absolute dropper foundation, which is known as miracle foundation in the world, and in combination with any foundation, increases the texture and material of the  foundation by 100%.

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How to use: There are two methods of product

  1- For single use: This method is only for people with oily skin because Absolute is completely oil-free. On clean skin, first use a drop of hydrating gold or use a hydrating cream, then shake it for 20sec And press the pump frequently to mix the ingredients well, then open the cap of the  and apply one pump on the foundation  and then fade it with a brush.

  2- To use a combination: in this method, just take one drop of the foundation with any foundation from any other brand to infuse all its features from full coverage, light, durable and waterproof, velvety texture to the other foundation

  Country of manufacture: Romania (Europe)

  Product type: liquid cream

  Body material: glass

  Product weight: 35 ml

  Suitable for: all skin types (especially normal to oily skin)


List of features and specifications:

   ⁃ Has 4 unique characteristics:

  1. Super style and silky texture
  2. Completely full coverage, unique coverage
  3. Very long lasting (at least 24 hours)
  4. Anti-sweat, waterproof, anti-tolerance
  5. Can be combined with other foundation to increase silkiness, durability, cover and more coverage.

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Full Coverage Foundation Absolute Cosmetic